The established official sales channels of Florasis are as follows:

Official Website:
Amazon Japan:
Shopee Singapore:
Shopee Malaysia:
Shopee Taiwan(China):
Shopee Philippines:
Shopee Thailand:
Shopee Vietnam:
Lazada Malaysia:
Lazada Singapore:

All products of Florasis are only sold on its official channels, so products purchased through other unauthorized channels are subject to the risk of counterfeits.

To protect your interests, please pay more attention to the following points:

1. Sales channels: please purchase our products on our officially sales channels. The products sold on flea markets, home parties, street vendors or other unauthorized websites may be counterfeits.

2. Price: if the price you see on other sales channels is much lower than the official selling price, it may be a counterfeit.

3. Details: there are obvious distinctions between counterfeit products and authentic ones in details. If there is any inconsistency with the authentic ones, it probably is a counterfeit.

If you have any questions, or if you want to report counterfeit and shoddy products information to us, please contact our customer service team: