Cockroach Control Service

Cockroach!!!! No body has not infested by Cockroaches in the world. Common, Most Common and we are many person use to by the cockroaches spreads. Many kinds of cockroaches available in the world but four or five kinds of cockroaches are most common. There are : American Cockroach, German Cockroach, Oriental Cockroach and Brown Band Cockroach.

Cockroaches not an innocent insect. It is too harmful for human health also. Cockroaches spread  many kinds of dangerous and deadly diseases.  The diseases are following bellow:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Dysentery
  • Cholera
  • Leprosy
  • Plague
  • Typhoid fever
  • Viral Diseases such as Poliomyelitis.

So that, Please don’t use to with cockroaches. When you infested by Cockroaches Please call us to Cockroach Control Services. We provide Cockroach Control Services with most duration guarantee. We provide cockroach control any where in Bangladesh.

Our Cockroach Controlling Methods:

Quality Pro PEST Control Provides some various kinds of cockroach controlling methods to controlling all kinds of cockroaches. And Cockroaches are most odd tolerant insects also; so that we have change methods or insecticides after some services. Also our entomologist team has been researching and finding new Technics and methods always. Our Common Controlling Cockroach methods are following bellow.

  • General Pesticides Spraying
  • Customized Pesticides Spraying
  • Cockroach Killer Gel Treatment
  • Aluminum Phosphyde Treatment
  • Cockroach Glue Trap Treatment

Our Cockroach Control Specialties are :

We use 100% Smell less and eco friendly pesticides for cockroach control services in Bangladesh. And we have been researching develop of services with eco friendly medicines and smell less technologies. Some success story with our research programs has been creating us the number one Pest Control Services company in Bangladesh.

Termite Control

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Termite is the most destroying insect in the world. All the wooden surface are not secure from Termites. A termite team can finish a jungle within a month. Termites are not so injurious or Diseases spreader. But Termite has been destroying your valuable wooden furniture, Doors and Windows, Door Frames, Books, Valuable Documents, Clothe wares and other most valuable properties.

Termite likes damp and dusty surface. Termite has a queen which controlling them. A termite queen size would be 8″ to 16″ long. Some time we called them white ant.

Basically termite treatment some critical job. Pre-Construction Termite Control is most effective for the properties.

Pre- Construction Termite Treatment:

Quality Pro PEST Control  has been providing 5 Years guarantee for Pre Construction Termite Treatment.  Before crusting of Plinth level is the right time of  Pre Construction Termite Control. If  there is mat foundation of building then it has to apply before Casting  of mat binding all floor areas.

Treatment Processes:

Traditional Method:

  • Treat and Trench Soil around external concrete slab edge.
  • Trench and treat Soil around walls and peelers in the sub floor area.
  • Treatment the Soil along / around the external perimeter
  • Digg the Soiled floor (0r drill the Concrete Floor) along expansion joint and cracks, and treat soil there under
  • And Digg patio areas and treat soil area there is a high risk treatment nest location.

Bait Station Methods 1: 

  • Digging Bait Station Points surrounding the property premises.
  • Applying attractene surrounding the digging hole
  • Installing bait station device in the digging hole
  • Keep Requiem Baits in the bait station after getting termite infestation in the station
  • Regular checking and putting baits until fully destroy the termite colony.

Bait Station Methods 2: 

  • Finding live termite channels where have sufficient worker termite
  • Installing Bait Station device(s) up on the channels
  • Keep Requiem Baits in the bait station
  • Regular checking and putting baits until fully destroy the termite colony

Household Termite  Treatment:

Quality Pro Pest Control has been providing 05 Years Guarantee for household Termite Treatment. Our expert termite control inspection team will find infested areas. The company will treatment against termite with most effective and safe methods.


  • Surrounding Digging Treatment
  • Perimeter Drilling Treatment
  • General Pesticides Spraying
  • Aluminum Phosphyd Treatment
  • Requiem Baite Treatment

Bed Bug Control

Bed Bug is the most most injurious insect in our household. Human and others animals blood is the main meal of Bed Bug. And bedbugs spreads some kinds of complex diseases such as: leprosy, Q-fever, oriental sores and tuberculosis. So that when you infested by the Bed Bug than you have bed bug control immediately. For the Bed Bug Control you can Call us : 01829343706  for free inspection.

Bedbug is too odd tolerant insect. And some time Bedbug not fully not destroying from your properties after spraying of vary high doses also. Some time Bed Bugs eggs and larva’s don’t destroying. For that bed bug control treatment needs multiple frequencies of services. So that Quality Pro Pest Control keeping minds of this situation very carefully and always prepared to do multiple services in Package services deal. So that Quality Pro Pest ensuring you to providing the Best Bed Bug Control Service in Bangladesh.

Quality Pro Pest  Provides very comparative price cost of all Pest Control Services but ensuring 100% best quality. We have a big wail trained and experienced Pest Control Technician to provides better then best quality services.

In Bed Bug Treatment; Quality Pro Pest Provides 06 Months to 1 Year Guarantee for the Services. I mean if pest infestation not solved or pest come back again during the guarantee period than Quality Pro Pest  Provides extra services by free of cost during the guarantee period.

Quality Pro Bed Bug Control Treatment Methods:

Before providing any methods; our pest control expert surveying your infested properties very carefully. Then we discus about applicable method with our expert and entomologist. Then we execute the service with most effective methods. Our some methods following bellow:

  • General Pesticides Spraying
  • Customized Pesticides Spraying
  • Aluminum Phosphyde Fumigation